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To see a nine gem bangle that was worn by Dr Lewis . Yoganandas first Kriyaban in the USA. Designed by Yoganandaji, made by Sri Yukteswar in India and sent back to the US. It's now safely in the vaults at SRF. - Astrogems
Accidents, work related injuries or participation in sports can create internal force fields in the body. Petra's session ( by phone or clinical setting) bring pain relieve, less tension, a larger range of motion, calmness, lightness and overall function of the body.
"As a personal observer of individuals who Petra has worked on remotely i would like to add i have friends who are very amazed by the ability of Petra to channel healing energy and remove pain which is why we added this link." -Nick Hodgson
Greg's SRF Pages - Dedicated to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

real quick - try this - you'll love it!

For instance, sometimes I schedule a phone call to europe via Jajah to talk to my family when I am in the car on my way to work. Then Jajah calls me and the party I want to talk to ... et voila ... works like a charm and costs me 2 cents a minute.

Those who already know and enjoy Skype will love Jajah!
Best: calls between Jajah users are free - and we are talking phones, not computers, landline (all) and cell phone (USA/CA only)!!!

Check it out,
register - and enjoy!

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Open letter from Nick Hodgson regarding the Skype voice-over-internet service:

Note: I am not paid in anyway by this free service I am promoting. I write this because I think some of the friends in my database will love it!!


I would just like to pass on an amazing phone experience. I have used Skype for the last 2 years. It's a computer phone service that is FREE if you call someone who has also downloaded it online. Alternatively, one pays incredibly cheap rates, such as 2 cents a minute to a land line in Australia, if the person being called does not use Skype.

Last night (June 14th 2006), I was talking on the phone to a gem dealer in Bangkok and he asked me if I had Skype as the reception to the land line was full of static. So, I typed his name and country into the search directory, got his Skype phone name, and entered it into my contact list. When I called him my web cam automatically activated and seeing his face and products over the monitor was a real blast.

I am amazed more folks don't call their family and friends using this tool. I chatted with my friend for 47 minutes on the monitor using my headset and it was completely free. I have seen use of this video phone service a lot on my travels in China and wonder why we don't use it more in the States. I am sure it will catch on in a big way one day so it is worth telling your friends to sign up for one of this free, no strings attached, service so you can video phone each other. I was tickled pink to chat face to face to my friend in Thailand.... He could see my face talking and I could see his!!! He even showed me around his office with the camera.

Give it some thought. All one has to do is download the software, register a Skype name, purchase some phone time using a credit card or pay pal (if you want to use the landline service as well), purchase a headset with a microphone (usb port), and web camera. This last item will cost about $100 if you buy one of the better models. You get charged if you call landlines but not if the other person is on Skype and you call their Skype number. Calling is just a click of the button when you enter their number in the contact list. If there is a person you call often it is well worth both of you downloading this free software and then you can call each other for free. Again, I am not selling this service and I do not represent Skype in any way. I just want to pass along information about a great service using the video phone.

If you have questions, you can find answers on the Skype Knowledge Base.

P.S. With the web cam you can also do video conferencing!!

All the best,


For those of you who may be interested, my (largely-ignored) CD is now available on iTunes and CD Baby. If you have an Apple iTunes account, you can log in and search for Jeff Calcara, and there I will be! You can listen to samples of each song, and buy any or all selections. Same with CD Baby, where you can also order an actual physical CD if you want.

CD Baby page with full review:

And, a press release of my CD's review has been published to Please help increase the popularity and exposure of my CD by visiting the link below and clicking "DIGG" to digg my press release (if you have nothing better to do....):

Thank you for your support.

Sincerely, Jeff Calcara

Few People know that Swami Sri Yukteswar and Paramahansa Yogananda both wore nine gem bangles on thier arms for more information on this subject please visit our site
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Alkaline Ionized Water for Health and Meditation - Karen Kean
Many members of SRF use Ionized alkaline water filters to improve their health and increase mental clarity in Meditation.
As we get older the bodies tendency to clog with acidic wastes at the cellular level increases. This affects the concentration and helps make our mental and physical processes much less efficient etc. Electrically charged ionized oxygenated alkaline water is unstable and loses most of its charge over a few hours but when drunk fresh-made in a consistent manner greatly detoxifies the body and brain while we eat normally. Acidic waste in the body has an excess of positive ions (electrons) and the high number of free negative ions in the ionized water electrically erode the sedimented acidic waste at a micro-particulate level thereby detoxing, super hydrating and alkalizing the body, to read about the many health benefits from drinking freshly charged ionized alkaline water please visit:-- or contact Karen Kean at 760 536 6707 ( sponser )
Almost thirty years ago we moved from England to America, seeking our fortune and a life of fulfillment. Little did we know how fulfilled we would become! In search of our dream, we moved to Mount Washington, California, to be near the Mother Center of the Self-Realization Fellowship and to get more involved with the wonderful work of Paramahansa Yogananda. Philip’s background was in engineering sales. He worked on major projects all over the world; on oil rigs in the North Sea, pipelines in the middle of the Sahara Desert, and in oil exploration way up above the Arctic Circle. Twenty years ago he moved from that world of outer exploration to one more inner when SRF asked him to head up the national and international sales of their books and products - a dream job which he continues to this day at the Publications Center. Maria worked for many years in the corporate world heavily involved in sales for such companies as Compaq Computer, Mitsubishi, Canon and Epson. Her keen eye and organizational prowess provide much of the day-to-day expertise needed to run Supreme Swan.
The Age of Dwapara Yuga can be characterized by a breakdown of the idea of a material world and a growing consciousness of the underlying unity of peoples, energy and nature.

Here are some observations around Dwapara Yuga and Yogananda's teachings of high thinking and simple living.