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In the Ashrama at Dakshineswar there is a beautiful old tree, which has been there as long as I remember, perhaps now more thatn 40-50 years, which must have witnessed all the historic events of the ashrama over the years, and yet continues to bloom with most exquisite and large flowers and radiate its lovely fragrance all over the Ashrama.
This is called Nag Champa.

Strangely, its flowers, and subsequently its fruit come out from the main trunk.

While in the Ashrama at Ranchi there are two large trees called chalta. These are also quite old and have silently witnessed many historic events in the evolution of Guruji's work here. They also bear large flowers which emit a beautiful fragrance and attract bees and wasps.

The fruits of this tree are used by Bengalis and Biharis for making a chutney.

These fruits keep on falling to the ground from time to time.
Recently I heard that a devotee was blissfully lying down under this tree and meditating. One of these fruits fell on his belly and he woke up with a start, looking all around him who had done it!!
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